we're working to create cool projects

There're so many websites from the 2000s, with annoying popups and complicated navigation. We make sites with real-life language, uncluttered design and genuine love :)



developing websites from beginning to end

We take your idea, create a design, develop a website, and support it afterwards


why you should choose a landing

# it's cheaper

We make landings for $800. We know that prices differ from place to place, but it would cost at least twice as much as to create a multi-page website in our company.

## it's more efficient

Clients don’t like wading through countless pages in search for information. A landing gives them everything they want.

### it's faster

Development of a landing takes two weeks while development of a multi-page website will last a month.


we fixed the price because it's convenient

Many companies withhold the price to the very end. Such a pity! We believe that it is easier to make a choice when the price is known. We leave it here because we don’t want to make a quest out of it.






wherever you feel comfortable

post scriptum

Of course, we don't make landings only. You can take a look at our blogs, e-commerce websites, and apps on the main website. If a landing isn't what you want, ask us about your project anyway.